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Margate Police Heroes

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Margate Police Heroes

Margate Police Heroes

Car accidents happen every day and here at the law offices of Miller and Jacobs we have helped hundreds of clients that have been injured in a car or auto accident get the type of settlement that can help them rehab from their personal injury.

After being in this industry for 10 years it’s not often that we get to see stories where a bad accident ended up with a happy ending. After reading an article written By Roger Lohse a reporter at Local10.com news our Local Police officers were truly heroes in saving the life of a woman.


Two police officers are being hailed as heroes for saving a woman who was trapped inside a car that was sinking in a canal.

Margate police said Carol Ann Brown, 57, was behind the wheel of a gray Hyundai that plunged into a canal in the 5100 block of Copans Road on Monday morning.

“She was pounding on the window, trying to break the window out from the inside to get out, and she couldn’t break the window,” Officer George Woolley told Local 10 News.

He and Coconut Creek police Officer Larry Christopher were at the scene within a minute after receiving the 911 call.

“The car was about half-submerged, and we could see a white female in the front driver’s side and she was yelling as we were swimming towards her,” Christopher said.

The officers took off their gun belts, protective vests and heavy equipment and jumped into the canal. They said the water in the car was up to the woman’s waist.

Christopher used a special hammer to shatter the driver’s side window.

“As soon as I did the car started to go down quickly,” he said. “As it was going down, I broke out the back window and Officer Woolley and I reached our arms inside as the car was going down and we pulled her out the back window.”

The officers helped the woman swim to shore. They said they were exhausted when they got there, and Brown was in disbelief that she made it out of her sinking car alive. “She was so happy to, obviously, be alive,” Christopher said.

This was Christopher’s third plunge into the canal in his 26 years on the job.

“There’s no better feeling when you see someone’s eyes and they’re coming out and you’re saving them,” Christopher said.

Brown was taken to Northwest Medical Center, where she was being evaluated. She’s expected to be OK, but it’s still unclear why her car ended up in the water

Great response by our local police department and even better job in helping the life this civilian. Here at Miller and Jacobs we work with clients that have car accidents and need our help. In this case this woman was fortunate to have 2 heroes help her get out of the trapped car. Great Job again Guys!! For those who have been injured in a car accident or slip and fall please call us immediately at 877-848-5297. Our offices are located at 1600 South Federal Hwy Ste 1101, Pompano Beach, FL 33062 or check us out at www.millerandjacobs.com. We also have offices in Orlando at 5401 S. Kirkman Road, Ste 660 Orlando, FL 32819.

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