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5 Things that you should do after a Car Accident

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5 Things that you should do after a Car Accident

5 Things that you should do after a Auto Accident

One minute you’re having a great day and the next minute you’re in pain at a stop light. In an instant, a car accident has the power to not only change your plans for the day, but it can affect your life for many months to come, if not forever.

The decisions that you make in the moments following your unfortunate accident are extremely important ones. This is where we come into play. At Miller and Jacobs, we want to give you some of the key tips that will help you through your difficult time.

Think About Safety

After any kind of car accident, there is always a moment of shock and disbelief. However, no matter how stunned you are by the events, it is crucial that you consider safety first. Keep in mind that almost everything that you do from the start will depend on the severity of the accident and your injuries. If you are hurt and in intense pain, do your best to remain calm and wait for help. Making an attempt to move around too much may only land you in more pain and it can make your injuries worse. With a major accident, it may also be best to leave the vehicles as they are so that the authorities can investigate and decide who is at fault.

File a Report

After any accident severe or minor, it is vital that you get the police involved and file a report. Don’t allow yourself to be duped by a smooth talker who could very well present you with false information and a shady promise to handle things without the police getting involved. Too often, people rely on making side deals with complete strangers who don’t have their best interest at heart. If the other party involved pleads with you not to call the police because they lack proof of license and insurance, this isn’t the best time for you to have a kind heart. After all, their failure to prepare will only result in headaches for you when you try to get your car fixed and/or pay medical bills. This is the main reason why it is important to take the right steps by getting the police involved right away.

Fact Collection

Let’s be honest about this, police officers can take some time to respond to the scene of an accident. While you’re waiting for the authorities to arrive, don’t just stand there in anguish staring at your beloved car in disbelief. Instead, put on a detective cap of your own and collect some clues that can be used to help you down the lines. Take pictures of both cars that are involved in the collision as well as photographs of the street signs and anything in your immediate surroundings that may be useful. This is also a perfect time for you to talk to anyone in the area who may have witnessed the accident. For instance, if a lady happened to be walking her dog when the person you collided with sped through a stop sign and hit you, she should definitely be someone that you talk to. Ask her for her name and contact information in case you need her testimony in court in the future. It may also be wise to snap a picture of the other party’s license plate right away so that you have this information in the event they try to leave the scene of the accident.

Focus On Insurance

After suffering an accident, there will probably be a million questions crowding your mind. When you contact your insurance agency to open a new claim and discuss the accident, it will only help to give you clarity. Be sure to ask in detail what will be covered by your insurance policy. If you needed a tow truck to get your car to a mechanic, would you have to pay for it on your own? Filing a claim and focusing on the insurance aspect is especially important if you are in the wrong and caused the accident. Make the smart decision and contact your insurance company so that you know what expenses are covered ahead of time.

Lawyer Time

From the outside looking in, you may ask why you would need a lawyer for a car accident. However, when you’re actually in the situation with a lot of unanswered questions, you will long for an experienced South Florida auto accident lawyer to tie up all of the loose ends for you. With a quality and proven firm like Miller and Jacobs on your side, you will have all of the advice and guidance you need regarding everything from medical bills and compensation to insurance coverage and injury litigation. Don’t just choose any lawyer based on a catchy jingle and great advertising. Do your research and rely on a firm that will go to battle for you. It’s all about protecting your rights.

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