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Hurt On the Job! Take These Critical Steps

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Hurt On the Job! Take These Critical Steps

Hurt On the Job! Take These Critical Steps

If you’re hurt on the job, no matter the severity of the injury, there are certain steps that you should take right away. Here at Miller and Jacobs, we take pride in being personal injury lawyers who completely understand the critical steps that should be taken after suffering an unfortunate injury in the work place. Join us as we go over the steps that will protect you during this often painful and delicate time.

Report the Incident

This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe it or not, some people decide to take matters into their own hands. Please make the right decision and do not follow their lead. If you suffer an injury on the job in any capacity, take the time and report the incident to your Human Resources Department right away. Once you do this, your HR representative will contact the appropriate insurance company and file a claim. This is an incredibly important step to ensure that worker’s compensation comes into play and you are not on the hook for the hefty medical bills that may be in your future.

Wisely Seek Medical Help

After getting injured, seeking medical assistance is often the next step in the ball game. However, when you get hurt on the job, this may not be nearly as simple. If you are injured and in a lot of pain, it is essential that you seek help at a worker’s comp clinic or an urgent care center that’s affiliated with the company that you work for. Remember to speak to your HR Representative prior to seeing a doctor. It is important that you resist the urge to storm out and see any doctor that you want. Many employees have the mindset that they can just go to any medical professional and simply present their company with the hefty bill at the end of the day. Please note that this is not how this process works.

When employees have free will to choose any doctor that they please, many often settle for the ones who will give them the most time off from work. Make the right choice and work closely with your company to see a doctor that they advise so that all of your medical bills are covered. This is extremely important. It is also smart to give the doctor specific details about how the injury occurred.

Explore Your Options

At Miller and Jacobs, our decades of experience as South Florida personal injury lawyers has taught us that many people don’t realize they may have additional claims beyond worker’s compensation. This is one of the main reasons why you should seek an experienced and well-versed personal injury lawyer who will have your best interest at heart. Over the years, we have had countless recoveries against third parties for work related accidents. This may include anything from on-duty auto accidents and ladder and scaffolding accidents to a building collapse or fire and explosions. No matter what the cause of your injury may be, it is imperative that your personal injury lawyer has the ability and charm needed to get the results that you desire.

Be Smart and Strategic

When dealing with a work place injury, there’s no denying the fact that some “work place politics” can come into play. Are you worried that suing your employer may lead to a less than impressive settlement and a fast trip to the unemployment line? Or maybe you simply want to stay under the radar and you are afraid that filing an insurance claim will land you in hot water with your HR Department.

No matter what your fears are, you have to remember to put yourself first. If you are hurt on the job, there’s no reason why you should be responsible for expensive medical bills or be forced to wallow in worry about missing time at work without pay. If you have a long list of questions on your mind, simply contact experienced personal injury lawyers and make things easier on yourself. This is where Miller and Jacobs comes into play. Our personal injury lawyers are among the best in the South Florida and Central Florida areas. We are standing by to take your call and give you the affordable advice that you need today.

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